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Prodotype believes there is a designer in every person. The skills of solving complexities using simplistic, design-oriented approaches present in our top of the line designers are acquired and learnt, and we believe in presenting these methods to students willing to learn.

Prodotype aims to create an intellectual bridge connecting the student community to the industry if design through our expertly and exclusively designed educational initiatives. With the creation of this intellectual bridge, both designers and users of the end product face an incredible boost in quality, innovation and effectivity.

Students and designers, through Prodotype's Educational Initiatives, immerse themselves in work-like atmosphere. They're indulged in industrial work-flow and learn several important methods, pointers and usage of tools that put them in direct contact with the industry as well as the kind of clients they will expect.

With the powerful features of any CAD/CAM Software and experienced teachers, learners will have the perfect platform to truly feel in touch with the industry they will step into- and Prodotype helps them make it strong and right .

  • Teaching methods and skills employed by top designers in the field.
  • Identify and improve several areas of designing skills.
  • Provide basic to expert knowledge in any CAD/CAM software.
  • Workshops that is open to all, ranging from beginner to expert experience levels.
  • Webinars, Presentations, Video and PDF tutorials and various design challenges.
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Why Prodotype ?

Prodotype offers exclusively crafted workshops and courses, conducted by renowned industry experts ranging over 3 wide experience levels (Beginner-Intermediate-Expert). With such versatility, anyone with any skill can foster growth in the field in the most efficient wag possible.

Who Trains the Participants ?

Prodotype Educational Initiatives specializes in only having certified and skilled experts for training the participants in Design and design related courses. Our In-house design team gives value added insights for real-life design exposure.

Do We have access Post Training ?

With Prodotype's Educational Initiatives, designers and learners can have a quick and accessible database of knowledge and tools required to improve their abilities.