Prodotype - Educational Initiatives
715-A, 7TH Floor, Spencer Plaza Suite No.960, Mount Road, Anna Salai
Tamil Nadu 600002
Phone: +919677789374
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    Bring Innovation

    to your Designs

    Learn how top designers turn concepts to designs
    in the most sustainable, innovative methods possible.
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    Master your Design

    Thinking Skills

    There’s a designer in everyone- Find and raise
    yours by getting the first step right.
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    Learn the Basics: Product Design
    Confused about what to begin with? Indulge yourself in industry
    work experience by learning the basics of any powerful CAD/CAM software.

Choose What You Want To Learn

Prodotype’s vast educational services provides a learning designer with choices to choose what they want to learn. Whether a seasoned and experienced or a novice beginner, our workshops provide knowledge for any designer to take away with.

From learning how to develop Design Thinking skills to designing and improving original product concepts, Prodotype offers classes for learners to indulge in work atmosphere and immerse themselves in the industry using relevant tools for any CAD/CAM software.

Designers will learn how to work with the software as well as develop skills used by top designers in the field and in Prodotype's services as well.

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